Autumn Student School on Mathematical Physics
Stará Lesná (Slovakia), 22-27th September 2007

The aim of the School is to present, in review lectures based on simple examples, the mathematical principles of modern physical theories and also to give the diploma and PhD students an opportunity to present the results of their research work in 20 minutes contributed talk. Preliminary topics: contractions of algebras, dualities in string theory, differential geometry, Hamiltonian systems (reduction theory), quantum measurement.

G. Chadzitaskos (FNSPE CTU Prague)
M. Fecko (FMPI Univ. Bratislava)
L. Hlavatý (FNSPE CTU Prague)
A. Odzijewicz (Univ. Bialystok)
P. Prešnajder (Univ. Bratislava)
L. Šnobl (FNSPE CTU Prague)
J. Novotný (FNSPE CTU Prague)
J. Tolar (FNSPE CTU Prague)
M. Ziman (RCQI, Bratislava)
and others

Conference fee: The conference fee 300€ (350€ for single room) includes all local expenses (accommodation, food, coffee breaks, conference dinner). The fee should be paid via bank transfer before August 12th.

Organizers: P. Bóna (FMPI Univ. Bratislava), V. Bužek (RCQI Acad.Sci. Bratislava), G. Chadzitaskos (FNSPE CTU Prague), A. Odzijewicz (Univ. Bialystok), M.Plesch (RCQI Acad.Sci. Bratislava), V. Polák (FMPI Univ. Bratislava), M. Ziman (RCQI Acad.Sci. Bratislava)

Contact: Pavel Bóna (

Accommodation: All participants will be accommodated in the Hotel Academia in Stará Lesná. All the rooms are equipped with the own bathroom, toilette, radio and a TV - SET with satellite programs. The hotel staff will gladly serve you with all the important information in various languages including English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian or Croatian.