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22-23 March 2018, Bratislava, Slovakia

Conf site:
The meeting will take place at the Auditorium QuTe of Institute of Physics (building QuTe) in Bratislava.

Accommodation is arranged indivisually by participants. Closest hotel is Max Inn, however, it might be more practical to reserve hotel in the City Center, for example Ibis Centrum Hotel. From City Center you can be at the conference place in 15-30 minutes (depending how far you stay from the bus stop).

Travel instructions
Fly to Vienna Airport (situated 60 km from Bratislava), or directly to Bratislava (if you are lucky and have simple connection). There are regular buses from the Vienna Airport to Bratislava (takes approx 60 minutes).

Search for connection and buy ticket from Vienna International Airport to Bratislava here. ... more details will be added later ...

Supported by COST Action CA15220 "Quantum Technologies in Space"