P R O J E C T   O P T I Q U T E

Title: Optimisation methods for quantum technologies
Duration: 01/07/2019 - 30/06/2023
Principal Investigator: doc. Mário Ziman, PhD
Budget: 180 000 €

Project Annotation: Future quantum technologies are aiming to enhance our computational power, secure our communication, but also increase precision of our detection devices (from detectors of gravitational waves to medicine diagnostics methods). The effort of researchers included in this project is focused on optimisation of theoretical proposals, also by taking into account more realistic models reflecting the situations outside the laboratories. Our project joins the second quantum revolution on the side of theory, while aiming at mid-term quantum technology applications. We will develop novel tools and methods for improving the performance of quantum measurement, simulation and optimization devices. In particular, we aim to investigate the mathematical structure of quantum information resources in order to utilize them in novel and efficient quantum metrology applications and quantum simulations. The planned analysis of higher-order quantum structures and related optimal information processing is uncovering new quantum resouces (e.g. quantum causality, memory) that has potential to boost qualitatively the performance of quantum computation and communication technologies. Our plans to optimize tensor network algorithms by using the structure of interactions (space-time) are definitely enlarging our chances for efficient quantum simulations of physically relevant quantum many-body systems. Project tasks are divided into three workpackages aiming to optimize quantum structures, develop optimal higher-order quantum information processing and optimisation of tensor network algorithms.

Researchers: Vladimír Bužek, Andrej Gendiar, Roman Krčmár, Hamed Mohammady, Daniel Nagaj, Jaroslav Pavličko, Peter Rapčan, Daniel Reitzner, Michal Sedlak, Shivang Srivastava, Mario Ziman