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Research Center for Quantum Information
Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Dúbravská cesta 9, 84511 Bratislava, Slovakia
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  04.02.2024 Job opening
Looking for PhD in quantum technologies and foundations ΞΞΞ
Are you a master/engineer student fascinated by quantum physics or future of quantum technologies? Want to understand quantum foundations, run quantum computers, build quantum systems, use quantum networks, or encrypt quantum messages? Interested to join our research team for four years of you life? That is the time it takes to do the research and become expert (with PhD title) in quantum simulations, or optical quantum communication networks, or quantum security, or foundations of quantum phenomena. All of these fields are waiting for your contribution. Currently, we have open several PhD positions at our Institute. We are open for your email ideally before 29/02/2024. As for the first step please get in contact with a potential PhD advisor (send him your cv, motivation letter and contacts to potential references), discuss the subject and follow his/her instructions. Do not wait until the submission deadline and do this as soon as possible. If you are uncertain who to contact, just choose any of us. We are all happy to help. \ΞΞΞ
  01.02.2024 Job opening
IPSAS fellowship call - seeking for a colleague
Within the call for IPSAS fellowship we are looking for motivated postdoc, or a colleague willing to spent his/her sabbatical time with us. If interested please send your CV before February 29th (the sooner the better) directly to one of us. Choose the one who matches the best with your experience and interests. Making the right choice is part of the preselection process. If undecided email to ziman@savba.sk. Final interviews will happen in the second week of March.
  12.07.2023 Press to impress
Sign-reversal of superconducting diode discovered
Researcher from the Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences - Dr. Denis Kochan - participated at exciting discovery reported recently in highly impacted journal Nature Nanotechnology (impact factor 40.523). Jointly with physics research teams of Professor Christoph Strunk and Professor Jaroslav Fabian (both from University of Regensburg in Germany) they have demonstrated both experimentally and theoretically a dramatic change in sign of the supercurrent diode effect. Superconducting diodes, first designed in 2021 and also known as Josephson diodes, serve as the basic building blocks for new types of superconducting circuits that may replace the resistive ones in the future. The discovery will have major implications in the field of superconductivity and superconducting spintronics and boost further the development of quantum electronics and quantum technologies. Denis Kochan is the holder of the prestigous Slovak Academy of Sciences grant IMPULZ (IM-2021-26) focused on theoretical development and understanding of the physics of superconducting spintronics.
Phys.org press release
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09/07 09:30
Denisa Lampášová (Bratislava)
Key Takeaways from Recent Quantum Challenges
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15.03-30.11 Nayere Saberian (Department of Physics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran), SAIA PhD scholarship program
15.01-14.02 Yago Llorens (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain), QUTE.sk mobility programme

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