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Research Center for Quantum Information
Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
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  15.07.2020 Job opening
Postdoc position within project QISS @ IPSAS
Applications are invited for a 18 month postdoc position at the intersection between quantum foundations, quantum information theory, and quantum gravity (previous experience in at least one of these areas is required). The position may start in September 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The post is partly funded by the John Templeton Foundation through the project "The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime" (www.qiss.fr) and partly by Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences. The postdoc is expected to work in close collaboration with M. Ziman, A. Gendiar, M. Sedlák or D.Nagaj. Basic gross salary is 1800 eur / month, however, additional funds, depending on the focus and performance, are expected.

The application consists of CV (including list of publications), research statement (short summary of personal research interests and plans), and three names of potential referees we might ask for recommendation. Please send all this information to Michal Sedlak by email (michal.sedlak@savba.sk) before August 15th 2020, but the sooner the better. Only complete applications are considered.
  01.05.2020 Competition
Euroepan Quantum Future Academy 2020
Open physics competition for Slovak university bachelor and master students in quantum physics. The winners will be offered a summer internship and a participation at the final conference in Berlin. The participation is going to be covered from the resources of the QUTE.sk consortium and by the main organizer in Germany. More information available on the dedicated website http://qute.sk/eqfa2020/.
  04.06.2020 Publication
Finite-m scaling analysis of Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transitions and entanglement spectrum for the six-state clock model
We investigate the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions for the square-lattice six-state clock model with the corner-transfer matrix renormalization group (CTMRG). Scaling analyses for effective correlation length, magnetization, and entanglement entropy with respect to the cutoff dimension m at the fixed point of the CTMRG provide transition temperatures consistent with a variety of recent numerical studies. We also reveal that the fixed-point spectrum of the corner-transfer matrix in the critical intermediate phase of the six-state clock model is characterized by the scaling dimension consistent with the c=1 boundary conformal field theory associated with the effective Z_6 dual sine-Gordon model.
by Hiroshi Ueda, Kouichi Okunishi, Kenji Harada, Roman Krčmár, Andrej Gendiar, Seiji Yunoki, and Tomotoshi Nishino
Phys. Rev. E 101, 062111 (2020) | +++ |
CRIPONT (VEGA 2/0123/19), EXSES (APVV-16-0186)
  19.05.2020 Publication
Energetic footprints of irreversibility in the quantum regime
In classical thermodynamic processes the unavoidable presence of irreversibility, quantified by the entropy production, carries two energetic footprints: the reduction of extractable work from the optimal, reversible case, and the generation of a surplus of heat that is irreversibly dissipated to the environment. Recently it has been shown that in the quantum regime an additional quantum irreversibility occurs that is linked to decoherence into the energy basis. Here we employ quantum trajectories to construct distributions for classical heat and quantum heat exchanges, and show that the heat footprint of quantum irreversibility differs markedly from the classical case. We also quantify how quantum irreversibility reduces the amount of work that can be extracted from a state with coherences. Our results show that decoherence leads to both entropic and energetic footprints which both play an important role in the optimization of controlled quantum operations at low temperature.
by M. H. Mohammady, A. Auffèves and J. Anders
Communications Physics 3, 89 (2020) | +++ |
MoRePro project OPEQ (19MRP0027), COST MP1209
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30/06 11:00
Hamed Mohammady (Bratislava)
Stochastic quantum thermodynamics of projective measurements via coarse-grained trajectories

23/06 11:00
Sazim Sheikh (Bratislava)
Classical Communications with Indefinite Causal Order for N completely depolarizing channels
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