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Research Center for Quantum Information
Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Dúbravská cesta 9, 84511 Bratislava, Slovakia
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  05.10.2017 News
Quantum communication security between Beijing and Vienna (7400 km)
Last Friday (29/09/2017) the chinesse satelite Micius (launched in 2016) enabled us to share a secret key in the quantum way. Researchers from Austria (led by Anton Zeilinger) and China (led by Jian-Wei Pan) exploits the quantum nature of photon's polarisation to implement the first space-based quantum key distribution protocol. This makes the era of quantum internet a (qu)bit closer. Congratulations! ||ΞΞΞ|| and || video ||
  03.10.2017 Popularisation activity
Peeping into the Quantum Computing World
On Friday, October 6th (15:40, FEI STU, Bratislava) our colleauge Michal Sedlák will be speaking at OPENSLAVA 2017 conference || ΞΞΞ ||.
Although quantum physics was founded more than ninety years ago this very useful and successful theory still seems unintuitive and puzzling to everyone. Devices relying on quantum effects already found their way into our everyday lives (Lasers, LED lights, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, …), yet they have not changed much our thinking. However, the thoughts of modern physics like R. Feynman, D. Deutsch and Peter Shor may revolutionize the way we think about information and computation. The aim of this talk is to describe basic ideas behind advantages of quantum computers and to explain how they ruin common cryptographic schemes, but gave us unconditionally secure quantum cryptography.
Our Researcher's Night 2017

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12/10 11:00
Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava)
Beyond the Area Law

19/10 11:00
Peter Rapčan (Bratislava)
Entanglement can preserve the compact nature of the phase-space occupancy

26/10 11:00
Roman Krčmár (Bratislava)
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20.09-20.09 Seth Lloyd

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