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  9.1.2018 Research publication
Original electric-vertex formulation of the symmetric eight-vertex model on the square lattice is fully nonuniversal
The partition function of the symmetric (zero electric field) eight-vertex model on a square lattice can be formulated either in the original “electric” vertex format or in an equivalent “magnetic” Ising-spin format. In this paper, both electric and magnetic versions of the model are studied numerically by using the corner transfer matrix renormalization-group method which provides reliable data. The emphasis is put on the calculation of four specific critical exponents, related by two scaling relations, and of the central charge. The numerical method is first tested in the magnetic format, the obtained dependencies of critical exponents on the model's parameters agree with Baxter's exact solution, and weak universality is confirmed within the accuracy of the method due to the finite size of the system. In particular, the critical exponents η and δ are constant as required by weak universality. On the other hand, in the electric format, analytic formulas based on the scaling relations are derived for the critical exponents ηe and δe which agree with our numerical data. These exponents depend on the model's parameters which is evidence for the full nonuniversality of the symmetric eight-vertex model in the original electric formulation.
by Roman Krčmár and Ladislav Šamaj
APVV-16-0186 (), VEGA 2/0130/15 (OAQS),
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04/04 11:00
P. K. Mohanty (Kolkata)
Continuously Varying Critical Exponents Beyond Weak Universality
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15.01-23.01 Sergey N. Philippov
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