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  01.03.2023 Conference
CEQIP is coming ...
Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half years, the CEQIP passed out of all knowledge ... Save the dates in September 5-8. We booked the venue at Small Eneetse. More details will be announced soon.
  22.05.2023 Publication
Isolating noise and amplifying the signal using weak quantum measurement and postselection
The so-called quantum Cheshire cat is a phenomenon in which an object, identified with a “cat”, is dissociated from a property of the object, identified with the “grin” of the cat. We propose a thought experiment, similar to this phenomenon, with an interferometric setup, where a property (a component of polarization) of an object (photon) can be separated from the object itself and can simultaneously be amplified when it is already decoupled from its object. We further show that this setup can be used to dissociate two complementary properties, e.g., two orthogonal components of polarization of a photon and identified with the grin and the snarl of a cat, from each other and one of them can be amplified while being detached from the other. Moreover, we extend the work to a noisy scenario, effected by a spin-orbit-coupling–like additional interaction term in the Hamiltonian for the measurement process, with the object in this scenario being identified with a so-called confused Cheshire cat. We devise a gedanken experiment in which such a “confusion” can be successfully dissociated from the system, and we find that the dissociation helps in the amplification of signals.
by Ahana Ghoshal, Soham Sau, Debmalya Das, and Ujjwal Sen
Phys. Rev. A 107, 052214 (2023) | +++ |
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09/07 09:30
Denisa Lampášová (Bratislava)
Key Takeaways from Recent Quantum Challenges
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