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Research Center for Quantum Information
Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Dúbravská cesta 9, 84511 Bratislava, Slovakia
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  04.07.2021 Job opening
Postdoc opening
We are opening postdoc position in the area of theoretical quantum information. In particular, we look for a young researcher capable of leading independent research in the area of foundations of quantum physics and generalized probabilistic theories. Candidates having background in measureent theory will be prefereed, since the position is partially financed from the national project with the similar focus. Successful candidate is expected to work in close collaboration with Michal Sedlák and Mário Ziman. The position is offered for one year with a basic gross salary 1900 eur/month and expected start is in September 2021. The application consists of CV (including list of publications), research statement (short summary of personal research interests and plans), and three names of potential referee we might ask for recommendation letters. Please send all this information to Michal Sedlak by email (michal.sedlak@savba.sk) before 02/08/2021. Only complete applications will be considered.
List of selected students for summer internships

František Dráček (master, University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
- supervised by Andrej Gendiar
Akhil Gupta (master student, Delhi Technologigal Institute, India)
- supervised by Mario Ziman*
Rohan Joshi (master student, Delhi Technologigal Institute, India)
- supervised by Mario Ziman*
Štefan Liščák (master student, Comenius University, Slovakia)
- supervised by Andrej Gendiar supervised by Andrej Gendiar
Matej Moško (bachelor student, Comenius University, Slovakia)
- supervised by Andrej Gendiar
Mária Polačková (master student, Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
- supervised by Andrej Gendiar

  16.04.2021 Publication
Self-consistency of the two-point energy measurement protocol
A thermally isolated quantum system undergoes unitary evolution by interacting with an external work source. The two-point energy measurement (TPM) protocol defines the work exchanged between the system and the work source by performing ideal energy measurements on the system before and after the unitary evolution. However, the ideal energy measurements used in the TPM protocol ultimately result from a unitary coupling with a measurement apparatus, which requires an interaction with an external work source. For the TPM protocol to be self-consistent, we must be able to perform the TPM protocol on the compound of the system plus the apparatus, thus revealing the total work distribution, such that when ignoring the apparatus degrees of freedom, we recover the original TPM work distribution for the system of interest. In the present paper, we show that such self-consistency is satisfied as long as the apparatus is initially prepared in an energy eigenstate. Moreover, we demonstrate that if the apparatus Hamiltonian is equivalent to the “pointer observable,” then (i) the total work distribution will satisfy the “unmeasured” first law of thermodynamics for all system states and system-only unitary processes, and (ii) the total work distribution will be identical to the system-only work distribution for all system states and system-only unitary processes if and only if the unmeasured work due to the unitary coupling between the system and apparatus is zero for all system states.
by M. Hamed Mohammady
Phys. Rev. A 103, 042214 (2021) | +++ |
OPEQ (19MRP0027), OPTIQUTE (APVV-18-0518), HOQIP (VEGA 2/0161/19),
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09/07 09:30
Denisa Lampášová (Bratislava)
Key Takeaways from Recent Quantum Challenges
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