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Research Center for Quantum Information
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  13.10.2016 seminar
NONLOCAL SEMINAR :: http://nlseminar.weebly.com ::
14:00-14:45 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava): Very entangled spin chains
15:00-15:45 Fred Dupuis (Brno): Entropy accumulation
16:00-16:45 Yelena Guryanova (Vienna): Exploring process matrices in the formalism of two time states

Date: 28/10/2016 (Friday), 12:00-18:00
Place: Vienna University, Austria
  01.10.2016 conference
FOCUS MEETING: Mathematical foundations of quantum thermodynamics
The aim of this workshop is to critically discuss current status of the mathematical background of quantum thermodynamics, identify relevant open problems and formulate future challenges and perspectives of this field. DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY AND REGISTER YOURSELF!
Website: http://quantum.physics.sk/conf/mathermo2016/
Time: 6-9/12/2016
Place: Smolenice castle, Slovakia
  07.10.2016 Research publication
Critical properties of the eight-vertex model in a field
The general eight-vertex model on a square lattice is studied numerically by using the Corner Transfer Matrix Renormalization Group method. The method is tested on the symmetric (zero-field) version of the model, the obtained dependence of critical exponents on model's parameters is in agreement with Baxter's exact solution and weak universality is verified with a high accuracy. It was suggested long time ago that the symmetric eight-vertex model is a special exceptional case and in the presence of external fields the eight-vertex model falls into the Ising universality class. We confirm numerically this conjecture in a subspace of vertex weights, except for two specific combinations of vertical and horizontal fields for which the system still exhibits weak universality.
by Roman Krčmár and Ladislav Šamaj
Europhysics Letters 115, 56001 (2016) |+++|
APVV-14-0878 (QETWORK), VEGA 2/0130/15 (OAQS)
  22.09.2016 lecture
James Webb Space Telescope
Scott Acton, a scientist who works on the James Webb Space Telescope, is bicycling around the world, stopping to teach others about this amazing next generation space telescope. Come hear about his journey, and the science that inspired it!
Time: Friday 23.9.2016, 9:00
Place: QUTE Auditorium, QUTE building, Institute of Physics SAS, Bratislava
S E M I N A R S | more |
04/11 11:00
Alessandro Bisio (Pavia)
Quantum conditional operations

??/?? 11:00
Martin Schwarz (Berlin, Germany)
Approximating local observables on projected entangled-pair states
V I S I T O R S | history |

30.10-05.11 Alessandro Bisio
(University of Pavia, Italy)

24.11-28.11 Teiko Heinosaari
(University of Turku, Finland)

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