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  11.11.2016 Research publication
Signatures of Hyperfine, Spin-Orbit, and Decoherence Effects in a Pauli Spin Blockade
We detect in real time interdot tunneling events in a weakly coupled two-electron double quantum dot in GaAs. At finite magnetic fields, we observe two characteristic tunneling times Td and Tb, belonging to, respectively, a direct and a blocked (spin-flip-assisted) tunneling. The latter corresponds to the lifting of a Pauli spin blockade, and the tunneling times ratio η=Tb/Td characterizes the blockade efficiency. We find pronounced changes in the behavior of η upon increasing the magnetic field, with η increasing, saturating, and increasing again. We explain this behavior as due to the crossover of the dominant blockade-lifting mechanism from the hyperfine to spin-orbit interactions and due to a change in the contribution of the charge decoherence.
by T. Fujita, P. Stano, G. Allison, K. Morimoto, Y. Sato, M. Larsson, J.-H. Park, A. Ludwig, A. D. Wieck, A. Oiwa, and S. Tarucha
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 206802 (2016) |+++| (Editor's suggestion)
APVV-0808-12 (QIMABOS)
  13.10.2016 seminar
NONLOCAL SEMINAR :: http://nlseminar.weebly.com ::
14:00-14:45 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava): Very entangled spin chains
15:00-15:45 Fred Dupuis (Brno): Entropy accumulation
16:00-16:45 Yelena Guryanova (Vienna): Exploring process matrices in the formalism of two time states

Date: 28/10/2016 (Friday), 12:00-18:00
Place: Vienna University, Austria
  01.10.2016 conference
FOCUS MEETING: Mathematical foundations of quantum thermodynamics
The aim of this workshop is to critically discuss current status of the mathematical background of quantum thermodynamics, identify relevant open problems and formulate future challenges and perspectives of this field. DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY AND REGISTER YOURSELF!
Website: http://quantum.physics.sk/conf/mathermo2016/
Time: 6-9/12/2016
Place: Smolenice castle, Slovakia
S E M I N A R S | more |
04/11 11:00
Alessandro Bisio (Pavia)
Quantum conditional operations

??/?? 11:00
Martin Schwarz (Berlin, Germany)
Approximating local observables on projected entangled-pair states
V I S I T O R S | history |

30.10-05.11 Alessandro Bisio
(University of Pavia, Italy)

24.11-28.11 Teiko Heinosaari
(University of Turku, Finland)

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